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Make your operations more resource-efficient with RedE

Every company has opportunities to improve energy efficiency, but for large companies with multiple facilities and complex supply chains, it's difficult to know which processes could be more efficient, and where the opportunities are greatest. RedE analyzes the efficiency of each process and piece of equipment in a company’s network, and uses that data to show facility managers how they measure up to peers and which initiatives will deliver the most benefit.


average cost reduction

on resource spend across all facilities


companies in the benchmark database


improvement levers available


Expert recommendations

We leverage our team’s extensive on-site experience evaluating equipment and processes, as well as best practices and guidance from McKinsey’s 20+ years of energy efficiency experience to develop the initiatives we recommend.

Proprietary benchmarking

RedE compares a company’s energy performance against peers with similar equipment and processes to determine their efficiency percentiles across all areas of production. Our database grows with each new company to our platform, ensuring our data is always accurate and relevant.

Improvements across the network

RedE’s templates and customization options measure consumption data for each facility in a company’s network, allowing managers to identify which facilities need efficiency improvements, and which initiatives represent the greatest opportunity for cost and emissions savings.

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2018 CDP Supply Chain Report highlights

In 2017, the CDP collected data from more than 4,800 companies on behalf of 100 supply chain members. Earlier this year, McKinsey contributed to CDP’s 2018 Supply Chain Report, which examines the impact of sustainability performance of suppliers on climate change.

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